Wine roads

The most authentic wineries in Montenegro

Wine lovers, but even those who are not, without doubt will we delighted with this trip. We have chosen carefully wine producers, and they are far more than that. People whom you will meet on this trip are in love with their vineyards and with special attention they treat their wines.  This is much more than just a trip. It is story of love, tradition, history, geography, and is not of a commercial character because only those who are ready to deal with its real sense.  

Unusual story of wine starts near Podgorica in Radević Winery. Taste the wines prepared by a man who, as majority thinks, had everything in his life and left all behind just to make his dream come true – vineyard. It is not needless to say that the results of his dream are sold in the most elite restaurants in the world.

Can you imagine what would be the taste of wines whose production started 500 years ago and whose secret formula is transferred from generation to generation since then? So, as you would not just imagine we will take you to Cermeniza Winery, where you will taste the power of centuries’ long family tradition and where wine will give you a history lesson with each nip. With national specialties (ham, cheese, olives), premium wine from this old winery will make you feel out of time and space.

Do you know where the biggest secrets of Montenegro are kept: stone, earth, water, air, man and all the rest connected to this land?  We are taking you there! All those secrets are bottled and jealously kept in millions of bottles, on over 7000 square meters, in wonderful treasury- wine basement Šipčanik.  In a heart of the biggest vineyard in Europe you will feel something priceless and unique. Something no one can explain or describe, nor could you do the same. Something only yours… Cheers!


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