City break

Walking or bike tour

With this tour it is planned to visit the most important monuments in Podgorica. Start point is Independence Square from where we continue to Sahat Kula (Clock tower) and Starodoganjskoj dzamiji (Mosque) located in old part of the town. Along narrow streets of Stara Varoš (Old town), which hide rich cultural – historical Ottoman heritage we will reach the  remains of medieval Ribnica fortress, and to the place where the Ribnica river runs into Morača river. After that we will walk to the statue of King Nikola, as well as to Puškin and Natalia, which are situated in front of the Gallery of the town where art lovers can see the actual exhibition. With this almost all old town’s stories have been told and we continue along Njegoš’ park and The national theatre, to the modern symbol of Podgorica Millennium bridge. After that we will see Cultural information center Budo Tomović and passing the main town stadium reach the recreational center of Podgorica- Gorica hill. On Gorica we will visit St. George’s church, old more than 900 years, and after that we return to start point where the tour ends.


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