Grape Festival in Virpazar

The first “Grape Festival” was held in Virpazar on September 6th, 2019. The festival aimed to promote wines, grapes, winegrowers and vineyards, but also to symbolically mark the beginning of this year’s harvest. Our agency visited this interesting event together with the delegations of the International Police Association – IPA from several countries, who had the opportunity to enjoy different flavors from this area, the natural beauty of Skadar Lake and the hospitality of the residents of Virpazar.

While on our way to Virpazar, our guests enjoyed the surrounding areas, we did our best to introduce them with the most important information regarding Skadar Lake, Virpazar, as well as the festival itself. Nevertheless, their attention was most attracted to the legends which are related to these areas.

Upon arrival in this small town, the sounds of the chamber choir “Antivari Musica”, performing Montenegrin original songs, were already coming. All around there were wooden stands with various local products: grapes, wine, brandy, honey, figs, souvenirs.

The housewife from Bar delighted all present with their culinary skills. Cakes, pies, muffins and other colorful sweet and savory delicacies of Montenegrin traditional cuisine were exposed for free to all visitors. However, in addition to the irresistible snacks, the girls, who participated in a particularly interesting part of the program – “Traditional grapes kneading “, were able to attract the most attention.

It was obvious that the hosts did their best to afford a lot of interesting things to the visitors, which is why we also briefly lost the group. It was impossible to keep the group in one place. We tried in vain to do some guidance, they just wanted to see everything, hear everything and try everything.

Upon completion of our visit, on our way to the hotel, we summed up the impressions which were surprisingly varied. Someone was delighted with the food, some wine, some ambiance. However, the most striking comment came from our dear guest Goran from Macedonia, who, when we asked if he liked Montenegrin products, stated that “besides the beauty of Montenegrin girls, he could not pay attention to the taste of food and drink”.

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